On Thursday, June 6, the Cecil County Board of Realtors presented a donation of $1,200 to the Plumpton Park Zoo. The money was raised through a crab raffle, whereby the board sold raffle tickets for a crab feast bundle containing two cases of Bud Light, 2 pounds of steamed shrimp and 1 bushel of large crabs compliments of B&B Seafood in Elkton. The Cecil County Board of Realtors is an industry-wide association that brings together professionals in support of homeowners and local attractions within our community.

The money raised will be used to assist the zoo in feeding animals throughout the winter, one of their toughest time periods. As a nonprofit organization, the Plumpton Park Zoo relies exclusively on donations, many of which come from their three large supporters — Exelon, Ikea and ODEC (Old Dominion Electric Cooperative). In the past, the zoo has also been able to receive matching grants from the state of Maryland, whereby they raised their own portion through programs such as ‘Feed a Giraffe’ and ‘Pet a Baby Bear.’ Through these programs, the zoo has been steadily acquiring mates and building new habitats for many of its animals—– including but not limited to the reticulated giraffes and European brown bears.

In addition to being run on donations, the Plumpton Park Zoo has received over 60% of its more than 180 animals (including all of its birds and reptiles) through animal rescue programs. In addition to providing a home for these animals that are unable to be released into the wild, the zoo also provides a place for them to be studied and promotes public awareness on conservation of natural habitats. By housing animals such as the black-backed jackal and the binturong (Asian bearcat), in addition to the more traditional zebras, Siberian tigers, alpacas, cougars, etc., the zoo offers unique creatures not found in other zoos along the East Coast. Check out our local Plumpton Park Zoo this summer — or any day, as it is open year round! https://plumptonparkzoo.org/

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