Ten students at Widener University Delaware Law School recently were admitted to the limited practice of law in Delaware under a state rule that allows them to be appear in some courts and legal forums on behalf of clients they are representing as student advocates.

Delaware Supreme Court Justice Randy J. Holland presided over the Delaware Supreme Court hearing, held at the law school in Wilmington. The students were sworn in connection with their roles as interns in the Delaware Civil Law Clinic, the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic, or in an externship program with the Delaware Department of Justice.

The volunteer experiences are a component of their law school education, for which students earn credits toward their Juris Doctor degrees. The students provide a valuable service — under the supervision of licensed attorneys — on behalf of clients that include domestic violence victims who cannot afford representation, nonprofit environmental organizations and individuals seeking to protect the environment, and the people of Delaware served by the Department of Justice. The work builds valuable skills and experience.

“You have a great opportunity to learn from people who will get you off on the right foot,” Holland said. He encouraged them to find ways to accommodate pro bono service in their careers once they graduate.

“An important part of being a professional is giving back,” he added.

The students involved included:

Christel Duff, of Elkton, who is married to Joseph Duff and is the daughter of Gregory Kane of Newark, Del., and Victoria Kane of Dover, Del. Duff is an intern with the Delaware Civil Clinic.

Erin Rogers, of Elkton, who is the daughter of Roy and JoAnn Rogers of Elkton. Rogers is an intern with the Delaware Civil Clinic.

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