Happy 50th Anniversary, Lonnie and Dwighty!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Lonnie and Dwighty!

The family and friends of Lonnie and Dwighty McMillan, Sr. would like to congratulate them on 50 years of marriage. On December 14, 1969 the McMillans united in holy matrimony and vowed to trust the Lord with their marriage and family, fifty years later and they’re still at it. We’d like to honor that commitment and their faith by telling them how much they mean to us.

For 50 years, you’ve been a lighthouse for us and for your community. You’ve taught us the joy found in serving others and the power of unconditional love. You taught us that it’s better to give than to receive, a blessing passed down from your parents. You taught us that faith will get us through any crisis, and it always has. You taught us that our loved ones will pass on and that the best way to honor them is to keep them alive in our lives and in our hearts daily. You taught us that family is everything as we watched you coordinate help time and time again for a family member or neighbor in need. You taught us everything we needed to be successful in life: faith, love, and a solid work ethic. We are all better people because God blessed us with you to lead, guide, mentor, and love us.

Thank you for the family you’ve built. Much like building a home, you gave us a solid foundation on the good old KJV and a whole lot of faith! Then, you sheltered us with your love, giving us the hedge of protection, you prayed for so fervently. And finally, you decorate our lives with laughter and joy. You peppered our memories with acts of kindness and service. You designed a life of love and invited us to live in it with you, and for that we’re forever grateful.

One needs only to look at your precious grandchildren to confirm that you’ve done everything right. Jeremy, Jessica, Courtney, David, and Tyler (great grandchild) are exceptional and it’s because of the lessons you taught them and their parents. Mostly, it’s because of the love for God and family that you ingrained in our DNA; it’s because of the Blood.

We love you, appreciate you, and cherish every day we spend in the shelter of your love.

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