New Year's Day 5K

Chesapeake City is bringing back their annual New Year’s Day 5k this year.

CHESAPEAKE CITY — After more than a year of canceled events, Chesapeake City is bringing back the annual New Year’s Day 5K to ring in 2022.

The race begins on the south side at noon between third and second street. The route then goes around Pell Gardens down to the canal levees before looping around and ending near Prime 225 on Bohemia Ave.

“We had to cancel four running events in the last year and a half,” councilman Frank Vari said during Monday’s town meeting.

Vari is hoping for at least 200 runners to participate in this year’s event, now that the event application has been approved by the town government during Monday’s meeting. The Chesapeake City Volunteer Fire Company and other volunteers will help direct traffic.

The race is free, though donations are accepted to help benefit future races. Runners are asked to bring a non-perishable food item to benefit the Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association’s food pantry. Race proceeds benefit Chesapeake City’s recycling program.

“We have money from some of our sponsors that we didn’t use in the June race of 2020 so we’re applying that to this race,” Vari said.

2022 is set to be the 12th New Year’s Day race in Chesapeake City, with the tradition going back to 2009. The race normally raises between $5,000 and $7,000 according to Vari.

“It helps pay for the recycling,” Vari said. “Even though it’s in our budget it helps pay for items in the recycling program.”

The first 150 participants will receive a commemorative medal. The 11th race in 2020 drew 233 people.

Readers can register online at: or in person at the Chesapeake City town hall.

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