Cecil County Superintendent of Schools, School Board Members, and Teachers’ Union Officers:

So, you’re going to let my daughter go back to school for one, maybe two days a week. This is after missing the better part of two school years. Don’t tell me that “remote learning” has filled that void. Don’t tell me that this has been about “keeping the children safe” from the Covid-19 virus. These are big lies, and you know it. Schools should be open five days a week.

Common sense and reality have been dismissed for nonsensical reasons. You like to throw around the word science. Here is the real science — empirical, statistically supported science: children have almost zero probability of contracting Covid-19, getting seriously ill, and spreading it to anyone.

You preach your disingenuous sermons about protecting the children, yet, ignore the negative consequences of your ignorant and cowardly decisions. You are hurting families and children far more than the virus. Children are not being educated. Children are isolated and suffering from the effects depression. Parents have been forced to give up jobs in order to educate their children.

You work for the taxpayers of Cecil County. You have failed to do your jobs and need to go.

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This is exactly why regular citizens need to get more involved in politics. Politics drives our future. I would urge Elizabeth Carr and others like her to run for the school board and other offices within our county to ensure these elected/appointed people work toward the interests of real people like Elizabeth Carr and not the interests of school unions or other special interest. Too many times people that run for these offices are motivated by self interests vs the interests of the community.

I really appreciate Elizabeth Carr's words and thank her for taking the time to write.

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