Walt's Tavern told to "button up for the next 30 days"

Walt’s Tavern was supposed to have a hearing on alleged violations of Cecil County laws Wednesday but witnesses were unable to attend. The hearing has been postposed until Feb. 26.

ELKTON — The owner of Walt’s Tavern has been told to reign in his customers between now and when he must reappear before the Cecil County Board of License Commissioners Feb. 26.

Raymond Walters, president of the company that operates the tavern at 301 Augustine Herman Highway, in the Southfield Park shopping center in Elkton, was scheduled for a violation hearing Wednesday morning but law enforcement was unable to attend so the liquor board postponed it until the February meeting.

Raymond has come before the board before to answer for the behaviors and repeated police calls to the shopping center parking lot, which he insists are not part of Walt’s Tavern.

“Our problem is the people who show up intoxicated and people who just want to hang out,” Walters said. In the past the liquor board had told him he was responsible for what happened in the entire parking lot, not just the area closest to the business. “The parking lot is so spread out. It’s hard to monitor.”

Jason Allison, the county attorney who also represents the liquor board, suggested Walters bring his concerns to the owner of the property and suggest security be hired.

“We’ve done that and he’s not going to pay for that,” Walters replied.

Pointing to both state and local regulation, Allison indicated Walt’s Tavern was in violation by its “boisterous unsafe activities.” He read the text of the law that “the tranquility of the neighborhood should not be adversely impacted...”

“It would be imperative for you to button up for the next 30 days,” Allison warned. “Those are serious violations.”

Allison further suggested that “No Loitering” signs be posted and that Elkton Police be called to respond to parking lot incidents, adding that would give him a paper trail to show he was trying.

‘We’ve talked about closing earlier and not allowing people back in,” Walter said, indicating he believes the problems trickle over from Delaware where bars close an hour earlier. “We can handle two people fighting. We cannot handle five or six.”

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