Fletchwood Tavern to re-open with new management

The Cecil County Board of License Commissioners has approved a new lease-management agreement for the property at 208 Fletchwood Road near Elkton, once known at Catfish Tavern.

ELKTON — The Cecil County Board of License Commissioners has approved a new lease-management agreement for a well known tavern near the Cecil County line.

Ann Browne and her business partner George Kelly have assured the liquor board that the problems that had been plaguing the Elkton-area bar at 208 Fletchwood Road would disappear.

“We know we can do better,” Browne told the board last Wednesday at the monthly meeting. “We are very selective of who we will allow in our establishment.”

Browne, from Delaware, said she has experience running a tavern and understands crowd control and there would be security measures in place.

“We will see how people walk and talk, their demeanor,” she said, adding a quote from her mother, “All money isn’t good money.”

Kelly said wristbands would be used to know who had paid the cover charge.

“If you’re not patronizing the establishment you shouldn’t be here,” Kelly said.

Formerly known as Catfish Tavern and operated by Anthony Himelright under a similar lease-management agreement, the establishment had numerous problems including a shooting in July. It happened at another location nearby but patrons at the tavern heard the shots fired, and there was some confusion as to where the shooting occurred, which brought the response of Cecil County Sheriff’s Office. Rashawn Alexander was convicted of attempted second degree murder in that shooting and sentenced Jan. 23 to 8 years in prison.

The new operators told the liquor board that they would do more to endear themselves to the neighborhoods in their vicinity.

“We want people in the community to be part of the bar,” Browne said. “The entertainment will be very selective and diverse.”

That could be a disc jockey or a band, but only on Friday and Saturday nights, she added.

“And when we have entertainment the doors will be shut,” Kelly said.

Kelly added there would be no food served inside, but patrons are welcome to bring their own.

“We are in talks with several food trucks,” Kelly said.

Browne and Kelly will also run the package store connected to Fletchwood Inn. There was no word when the pair would re-open the tavern.

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