Medline Industries to hold hiring fair May 6

Pre-registration is required to take part in the May 6 hiring event at Medline Industries on Belvidere Road in Perryville. Graduating high school seniors are invited to take a shot at these entry level jobs.

PERRYVILLE — Although only in Cecil County about a year, Medline Industries needs to grow and that means the medical supply company needs more employees.

A hiring event will be held May 6 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the distribution center, 239 Belvidere Road in Perryville.

Medline has a 1 million square foot building that came with 250 employees who made the move from Havre de Grace according to Jesse Greenberg, spokesman. There are now 500 employees and the need for even more.

“When we moved here in late 2019 we had an existing workforce that came with us,” Greenberg said Wednesday.

That base of employees allowed the company to get established after the move from the 500,000 square foot building on the other side of the Susquehanna River.

Now there’s a need for as many as 40 new employees including material handlers and case selectors. Steven Overbay, director of the Cecil County Office of Economic Development, called these good jobs with an impressive starting pay and chance for advancement.

“Some of these jobs start at $18 an hour,” Overbay said.

Medline got almost $7 million in county and state incentives tied to its workforce development.

Medline has a line of 550,000 products, 80,000 of which the company makes at one of its 22 manufacturing facilities. Perryville is one of 45 distribution centers for the family-owned company. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, became a hot commodity when the pandemic struck.

“We have seen the demand for PPE go up as much as 10 times,” Greenberg said.

Medline products are in demand in hospitals and acute care centers across the country, he said.

Greenberg called these entry level positions, ideal for someone with a great work ethic and great attitude.

“We have a pretty robust training program,” he said.

Greenberg added that applicants will need a high school diploma, some work experience and the ability to stand, lift and communicate well.

“For those still in high school they can start the process now,” Greenberg said.

Drug testing and a background check are part of that process once an application has been submitted and reviewed.

Interested people need to pre-register for an interview by going to

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