Hunters find (minimal) success with season that just ended

Cecil County hunters got a few more deer this season over last, while in western and southern Maryland the hunters fared much better

ANNAPOLIS — This year’s totals for Cecil County deer hunters changed little according to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

During the season, which ran from Nov. 28 to Dec. 12 the number of deer harvested here increased two-tenths of a percent for white tail and zeroed out for sika. According to statistics released by the Wildlife and Heritage Service, hunters took 395 antlered white tail deer, down from 399 in 2019. Meanwhile the number of anterless deer bagged rose from 915 a year ago to 922 in the season just ended.

Although one sika was bagged in 2019, hunters had no luck with the smaller deer this season.

This puts the season total for white tail deer at 1,317, up from 1,314 in 2019.

Paul Peditto, director of Wildlife and Heritage, said counties, including Cecil County, which held Sunday hunting dates, realized more than 4,000 taken.

“The two week firearm season remains one of our most popular deer seasons, and fortunately hunters enjoyed great hunting weather for most of it this year,” Peditto said.

Allegany, Washington and Dorchester counties recorded the highest numbers, with Allegany in the lead with a 36% increase.

Statewide, 31,571 white tail deer was bagged, representing a 16.4% increase. Antlered numbers statewide showed a 13% increase and anterless numbers rose 18%.

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