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Even though the party is not until next year, Cecil Soil Conservation District is still celebrating its 75th birthday with a video.

The official date for the party is June 6, 2021.

Cecil Soil Conservation District was founded June 26, 1945. By going to you can view a tribute video showing years of photos of the work done by soil district employees over the decades.

Soil conservation districts began in response to the severe drought and dust bowls earlier in that century that made thousands of acres of land unable to produce. The work of Cecil Soil Conservation District is to encourage landowners to take measures to preserve their land by mediating erosion and practicing sediment control.


While it’s not in Cecil County, it’s still concerning that Equine Herpesvirus has been detected in Maryland. A Howard County farm has been placed in a hold until all horses can be tested. No movement of animals is allowed on or off the farm.

According to the Maryland Department of Agriculture the positive horse was in a barn with 27 others, which are now on quarantine. One of those horses tested positive as well while the others, so far, are not showing signs of EHV-1 or have fevers.

Contact tracing is being conducted to determine the origin of the infection.

Owners are cautioned to monitor horses at their premises carefully, and should contact their private veterinarians to arrange for Equine Herpesvirus testing if a horse exhibits significant temperature elevations or neurologic signs. Veterinarians are required to report equine neurologic syndrome to the department by calling the Animal Health Program at (410) 841-5810.


Delaware Department of Agriculture is getting the word out that the dreaded spotted lanternfly is morphing again.

The insects native to Asia, which have decimated crops in neighboring Pennsylvania, are now being found in Cecil County in growing numbers. Now is the time of its life span that SLF is changing from a black insect with white spots about the size of a ladybug to a larger insect and changing its colors, adding red to the spots.

If you see these insects kill them immediately. They are dangerous to crops, especially fruits and vegetables.


Future Harvest: Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture is encouraging anyone planning Independence Day celebrations to shop local farmers for high quality meat and produce.

The non-profit ag group offers a search engine to find the farmers market closest to you and also has published a guide called Go Grassfed to support livestock producers and Amazing Grazing, which points shoppers to local sources of grassfed meats.


Now that July is here Priapi Gardens in Cecilton is holding its buy-one-get-one-free sale on selected annuals. Among the BOGO selections, according to , are Lantana (4 colorful varieties), Coleus, Sweet Potato Vine, and Euphorbia.

Priapi Gardens is located at 5996 Augustine Herman Highway. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 1-5:30, Friday & Saturday 8-5:30


Pick-your-own the blueberries are plump and ripe at Walnut Springs Farm, 4040 Blue Ball Road north of Elkton. Anyone 6 or older must wear a mask at the farm until reaching your assigned picking location.

Blueberries are $3.99 a pound again this year.

Call 410-398-9150 or check online at before you arrive to learn when is the best day and time for your picking adventure.


The Maryland Horse Industry Board will meet remotely July 8. Anyone interested in attending should contact Anne Litz at 910-398-7932 or send an email to On the agenda will be a discussion on the effects of the pandemic and the re-opening of the state’s equine industry.


If you have a farm related event, idea or story you’d like to share in AgriCulture contact Jane Bellmyer at or 443-245-5007

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