RISING SUN — Right now we should be knee deep in rodeos, tractor pulls, farm animals and chain saw art at the Cecil County Fair.

Thanks to COVID-19 the annual nine days of fun at the Cecil County Fairgrounds is not happening this week. The pandemic has been a global wet blanket ruining untold graduations, weddings and summer festivals. Efforts have been made to find fun in this age of masks and social distancing.

Such was the case at Whoa Nellie Farm where youngsters that board their horses at the facility on Nellie’s Corner Road got a mini-fair, if you will, thanks to the adults in charge.

“We wanted a safe environment for them to have some kind of fun,” said Deanna Chard.

Friday through Sunday the young equestrians gathered and learned new skills, honed their existing skills, and earned prizes for helping each other, showing a positive attitude and being eager to learn about and care for their horses.

The kids would be awarded tickets for each, which can be used for prizes such as a bag of carrots for their horses.

Doug Johnson, owner of Whoa Nellie, said he was pleased to be able to offer the weekend of activity for the youngsters from elementary to high school ages who should have been in events at the fairgrounds this week.

He even got the campers commemorative t-shirts. On the front was “Whoa Nellie” with a face mask. On the back, an outline of a coronavirus accompanied by a horse, COVID-19 2020 and “Whoa Nellie Farm “Fo” (faux) Fair #AllAloneTogether”

Had it not been for the pandemic he said the event would have been opened to the public as part of Whoa Nellie’s regular summer camp schedule.

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