RISING SUN — Whoever the mayor and commissioners are in 2070, they will get a good idea of what 2020 was like for Rising Sun and its residents thanks to a time capsule buried in front of Town Hall last week.

“Before the pandemic I came to the board and said I want to do a time capsule,” said Mayor Travis Marion. Marion said he felt 2020 would be a great time to have a snapshot of life in town and Cecil County. “With COVID it became even more important.”

Judy Melton, town clerk and Jenna Pratt, an intern, worked to strategically fill the tall blue metal cylinder with memorabilia from the town, the county, and the year including a mask with the town seal, items from town businesses, and a Cecil Whig.

“One of the cool things is Sun Pharmacy put a list in there of the most prescribed drugs for the year,” Marion said. He wanted to include something from Sue’s Restaurant but it closed Dec. 28. Without that 73-year-old business represented, Marion went to the next oldest; which is Sun Pharmacy. Main Street’s newest businesses — Rise N Grind Cafe and Bog Turtle Brewery are also included in the capsule.

Danielle Hornberger, county executive, participated in the ceremony, calling 2020 “a year that will be well-documented.”

“What may or may not be in documents or in history books is the way Cecil County came together,” Hornberger said. Pointing to the efforts to provide meals to students and seniors, to the shows of support for medical and first responders she saluted all the shows of support. “Just the rallying together, rallying for law enforcement and in this town where high school students rallied for peace and unity.”

After remarks, the officials worked together to bury the capsule, which Marion and Hornberger placed in a prepared spot in front of town hall. Ceremonial shovels were used to lob the soil back into the hole. Marion said a commemorative plaque would be placed over the hole indicating it should be dug up and reopened on Dec. 30, 2070.

It was noted by several of the elected officials that Marion was likely the only person at the Thursday morning ceremony that would be alive when the capsule is unearthed in 50 years. The mayor said regardless of who digs up the blue container the memories will be waiting.

“One day, our great-grandchildren may wonder what it was like to live through these times.” said Mayor Marion “We are leaving them a snapshot of life in 2020 and some great artifacts to explore.”

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