BEL AIR — Hurricanes can produce destructive winds over 150 miles per hour, flooding from torrential rain, devastating high tides and even tornadoes. The hurricane season affecting Harford County runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, with most hurricane-like weather seen in mid-August through late October. Preparing for hurricanes and other serious storms helps protect you, your family and your community.

“Last summer’s flash floods in Harford County were a reminder of nature’s destructive power and the need to prepare,” Harford County Director of Emergency Services Edward Hopkins said. “It only takes one storm to have a lasting impact on our community.”

The Harford County Department of Emergency Services offers the following safety tips for hurricane season:

• Sign up now to receive Harford County’s emergency alerts:;

• Make an emergency plan with your family;

• Familiarize yourself with emergency evacuation routes and high ground in your area;

• Have an emergency supply kit ready with a minimum of 3 to 7 days of nonperishable food and water (1 gallon of water per person per day at a minimum);

• Place copies of important documents and cash in a sealed plastic bag in your supply kit;

• Remember to stock food and water for your pets;

• Check your supply of prescription medicines and ensure that you have extra on hand;

• Ensure that cell phones and other mobile devices are fully charged;

• Check in on elderly neighbors or anyone without a support network;

• Monitor weather conditions and follow instructions when issued;

• Stay tuned to radio station WXCY 103.7 FM and local TV news for official weather information.

“First responders and emergency service providers are prepared to respond in a disaster, but citizens who take these simple steps now will help keep everyone safe this hurricane season,” County Executive Barry Glassman said.

To view or print a copy of Harford County’s Emergency Preparedness Guide, visit

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