The Community Foundation of Harford County’s 2019 Impact Grant application is now open. The grants provide support for a wide range of nonprofits and other qualifying charitable organizations that improve the quality of life in Harford County.

The Impact Grant program generally offers one-year grants for specific programmatic or operational needs. Applications are due by Oct. 11, using the online grant application at

In 2019, funds are available for programs that address:

(Focus areas: Maximum award)

• High school STEM: $3,000

• High school arts: $4,500

• Respite care: $3,059

• Homelessness: $1,000

• Human needs: $1,000

• Children: $1,000

• Animal welfare (preference for domestic and feral cats): $1,000

• Hunger: $1,000

• STEM: $1,000

• Other charitable purposes: $1,000

Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or other qualifying charitable organization providing services in Harford County. Grant funds may be used for specific programmatic or operational needs. Grantees will be notified of the award and approved amount by Nov. 1.

The Community Foundation of Harford County is committed to promoting and increasing philanthropy by building and managing permanent endowments and gifts to meet the present and emerging needs of Harford County. Founded in 2007, CFHC is accredited by National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations for fostering excellence in community philanthropy. Learn more about CFHC at

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