BEL AIR— Some say beauty is only skin deep, but in Harford County beauty runs deep in several of its residents due to their selfless efforts to help improve the community. Harford County recently recognized some of these individuals as part of the 34th Annual Harford’s Most Beautiful People Awards.

Award winners include Greg LaCour, who won the 2020 Ripple Effect Award and Shining Light award winners Daniel McGhee and Tom Yingling. The awards also celebrated 11 others who were named as Harford’s Most Beautiful People nominees.

Harford County Executive Barry Glassman and the Harford County Department of Community Services began recognizing these individuals on Oct. 15 on social media and the county government website in order to share their stories.

LaCour was nominated by Neala Lancellotti, and was chosen, according to a Harford County press release, for his commitment and advocacy of the Sexual Assault/Spouse Abuse Resource Center for the past 10 years and for his work coordinating the food ministry at Bel Air United Methodist Church.

In an interview with the Susquehanna Press, LaCour said he felt good about the award, not for himself, but for all of the volunteers who help with the food ministry and other programs. He noted that after receiving the award he went and took photos with many of those behind the scenes people who work to make the community a better place.

One of those unsung heroes, according to LaCour, is Bryan Kilby of Jones Junction. LaCour said Kilby stepped up and reached out through United Way to help fund the church’s food ministry. LaCour said that Kilby as well as other community members have helped to make the church’s ministry possible, especially during this year, when the outbreak of COVID-19 created difficulties across the county.

“In the community, Bryan has been a God-send to us,” LaCour said.

LaCour said the program, as it originally operated, had to switch gears in light of the pandemic and now offers bags of food for those in need through a safe, drive-through operation, where families can drive up and receive food in a COVID safe environment following all of the necessary health and safety protocols.

“Maryland Food Bank is our primary provider and through this pandemic they have been wonderful,” LaCour said, noting that in addition to food items provided by the Food Bank, other places such as local grocery stores and other businesses have provided food items.

LaCour also touted local farms, such as Harman’s Farm, who helped the program by providing their extra produce for those in need.

LaCour said in all there are some 100 volunteers who contribute for the different ministries offered by the church. He notes that in addition to food distribution to families, the last Thursday of the month volunteers work with the Harford County Office on Aging to distribute meals to 260 seniors in Harford County. Throughout the interview LaCour focused on the importance of the volunteers that help push the ministries forward.

“It is really about them,” LaCour said of the volunteers. “This is really their award.”

The county also recognized two individuals with the Shining Light Award, an award created by Glassman to recognize citizens who shine a light of awareness on serious issues facing Harford County. McGhee and Yingling were recognized for their commitment to drug prevention and recovery, shining a light on the power of treatment and the elimination of stigma.

Check out future editions of the Susquehanna Press for further stories on this year’s winners.

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