Blue Ball Road/Elkton Road to get new traffic signal

Drivers on Elkton Road (Route 279) needing to make a left turn onto Blue Ball Road will have a dedicated traffic signal to make that turn starting July 30. That intersection has been the scene of numerous collisions over the years including this June 2016 crash that injured five.

ELKTON — New traffic signals that have been erected at the intersection of Blue Ball and Elkton Road will go live July 30 according to the Maryland State Highway Administration.

Robert Rager, spokesman for the SHA, said Tuesday that once the lights are established, drivers on Elkton Road (Route 279) will have a dedicated light for making a left turn onto Blue Ball Road. He noted the turn lanes had already been added to the road some time ago. Now drivers in those lanes will have a signal to make the turn safely.

“This is certainly a function of the volume increase there,” Rager said.

Rager said some of that traffic increase comes from growth in the area including the expansion at Terumo Medical. He said the plan for the turn signals goes back 2 to 3 years in conjunction with Terumo’s plans.

There have been numerous collisions in this intersection over the years. Rager hoped that adding the dedicated turn signal would make the intersection safer.

“This is going to help,” he said. “It’s a small thing but it’s a good small thing.”

On July 30 a crew will enact the new signal and stay on the scene while it goes through numerous cycles to make sure it is working properly.

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