PERRYVILLE — While there have been no official sightings, some residents living in the Principio Furnace area of Perryville report seeing a black bear in their yards.

Robert Nitz, Perryville Chief of Police, also heard the chatter and posted what he called a “public service announcement” to advise residents not to engage the bear if seen.

“They migrate. If you see it don’t bother it,” Nitz said Friday.

Harry Spiker, state bear biologist with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, echoed Nitz’s words.

“They come and go. It certainly could be there,” Spiker said, but added the regional DNR manager in Cecil County has not seen the animal.

Cecil County has had the furry visitors over the years, always passing through en route to another population of bears. However all these past visits had been in the spring as young male bears get forced out of their sleuth by older males. In 2016 the bear --dubbed Cecil — was tracked on social media as he moved from Newark into Cecil County. He was seen in Charlestown and then turned up in Havre de Grace.

This past spring a young bear was killed by Havre de Grace police when it was doing too much traveling through residential neighborhoods in search of food.

Spiker said those food sources, such as trash cans, bird feeders and pet food, should be brought indoors at night to discourage a bear visit.

“If it’s in your neighborhood don’t feed it,” Spiker said.

More importantly, don’t try to engage it or get close to it.

“Yell at it. Make some noise and scare it away,” he suggested, adding even a dollar store air horn works. “Allow it an escape route.”

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