Three students are facing charges after they allegedly pulled a false fire alarm at Rising Sun High School on Thursday, forcing fellow pupils, teachers and other staff to leave the building briefly, according to the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Investigators identified the suspects only as “three juveniles,” or students.

Detectives could not be reached late Thursday for information regarding the ages, grades and genders of the suspects. Because the students are under 18 years old, fire officials could not release their names.

“Three Rising Sun High students were released to their parents and are being referred to Cecil County Juvenile Services due to intentionally activating a false fire alarm,” Deputy State Fire Marshal Joseph Walters IIII wrote in his incident report.

Caseworkers with that agency will determine the appropriate way to handle the accused students.

The list of options includes one or more of the following: juvenile court, counseling and performing community service.

According to Walters, the fire alarm signaled at 9:07 a.m. and, as a result, a crew of five volunteer firefighters with The Community Fire Company of Rising Sun responded to the two-story school at 100 Tiger Drive off Route272 near Calvert.

An on-scene investigation by Walters and Deputy State Fire Marshal Michael G. Selvage later led them to the three students who allegedly pulled the false alarm.

The alleged false fire alarm on Thursday came eight days after an evacuation at the Rising Sun High School, where a malfunctioning air handler in the building’s HVAC system triggered an alarm, fire officials said.

That alarm sounded at 8:06 a.m. on March 14, prompting 21 volunteer firefighters from Rising Sun, North East and Oxford, Pa., to respond, fire officials added.

It is a Cecil County Public Schools policy not to detail what, if any, disciplinary action administrators take against any student found to be in violation of the education system’s code of conduct.

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