A state trooper shot and killed a gun- and sword-wielding Elkton-area man Friday night after he confronted him and another trooper, according to the Maryland State Police.

Police identified the dead man as 25-year-old Jason E. Honaker, who lived in the 700 block of West Pulaski Highway.

Honaker died Friday night at Christiana Hospital after undergoing emergency surgery, police said.

Tfc. Matt Matthew Telep shot Honaker with his agency-issued .40-caliber Beretta pistol about 9 p.m. inside

Honaker's apartment, police said. Honaker approached Telep and Tfc. Brian Schweers holding an 18-inch "curved, martial arts-style" sword, police said.

Telep fired after Honaker ignored commands to drop the weapon, one of several Honaker had displayed during the incident, police said.

"In fear for his life and the life of his fellow trooper, Tfc. Telep fired ... ," said Greg Shipley, a state police spokesman.

Telep and Schweers went to Honaker's apartment because he had called the barrack and told the duty officer that he was going to kill his neighbor if police didn't respond soon, police said. Honaker, who had identified himself on the phone, told the duty officer that he had just had an argument with that neighbor, police added.

Honaker's girlfriend, who is eight months pregnant, met the troopers at the door and told them that Honaker was "armed with guns and swords" and that he was intoxicated, according to Shipley.

She directed them to a back bedroom, where Honaker remained until he obeyed police orders to come out, Shipley said.

"When he emerged, Honaker was carrying a sword that was about 2 feet long and what appeared to be a rifle. Troopers also saw that Honaker was wearing another sword and had what appeared to be a handgun tucked into his waistband," Shipley said.

At that point, the troopers ordered Honaker to drop the weapons and put his hands in the air, according to police.

"The preliminary investigation indicates (that) Honaker threw the sword and what appeared to be the rifle he was carrying down toward the troopers, who were less than 10 feet from him," Shipley said. "Troopers continued to tell Honaker to put his hands in the air and not to touch the other weapons."

After Honaker ignored repeated commands to drop the second sword as he approached, Telep opened fire, Shipley said.

Investigators recovered both swords and several other "edged-weapons" inside the apartment, police said.

They also confiscated an air rifle and a BB pistol, Shipley said, noting that the BB pistol "closely resembled a real handgun" and that the air-rifle also appeared to be an actual long gun.

Honaker's girlfriend told investigators that Honaker began drinking vodka late that afternoon and had consumed a pint, according to police.

The neighbor in the apartment next to Honaker's told investigators that he had gone to Honaker's apartment earlier that evening and had asked him to turn down his loud music, police said.

Honaker then went to the neighbor's apartment and told him if he called police, it would "take seven officers to take him down," police added, referring to the neighbor's account.

"The neighbor told Honaker he wasn't calling the police; he just wanted him to turn his music down," Shipley said. "He described Honaker as ‘extremely intoxicated' and said he had to assist him in standing upright when he was talking to him."

Investigators also learned that Honaker had been arrested on Dec. 23 after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, who obtained an interim protective order against him, police said.

She failed to appear for a hearing on the protective order and the case was dismissed, police said.

Investigators with MSP Internal Affairs Unit also responded to the scene and will conduct an administrative investigation, as they do in every police-involved shooting.

When the Homicide Unit completes its own investigation, the report will be submitted to the Cecil County State's Attorney's Office for review, which is also procedural.

Telep, a four-year MSP veteran, and Schweers, who has been a trooper for 2½ years, have been placed on administrative leave following the fatal shooting, as per procedure, according to Shipley,

It represents the second shooting in as many days in Cecil County. On Thursday, two county deputies opened fire on a gun-wielding man at his Crystal Beach Manor home following a 10-mile chase. 

Ehrlich Carwile Harter, 63, of 13 Green St. in the Earleville community, was still at University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center on Friday, where he was listed in critical condition.


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