Dog is said to be man's best friend, but for some in Cecil County their dog makes a pretty good co-worker, too.

Friday is officially "Take Your Dog to Work Day" but Tate travels with Pam Goffinet on a regular basis.

Goffinet is self-employed as a cartographer. The Fair Hill woman was mapping out Elkton Cemetery recently accompanied by the 8-year-old golden retriever.

"I can't take him to work every day, but he gets so excited when he sees me get his backpack," Goffinet said.

As Goffinet studied the layout of the Howard Street cemetery, Tate sat at her side, occasionally standing to check out what little activity was nearby.

She said Tate is often a welcome diversion for visitors.

"At a cemetery it's always nice to see a friendly face," she said.

At Cecil College, you'll find Zoro sprawled under Veronica Dougherty's desk. The head of the science department at the North East campus, Dougherty has brought a succession of dogs to work over the years.

"Cecil's been good about letting (me) bring dogs here. It's a very good place for training puppies," she said.

Zoro has lived in the Dougherty house for 17 months as part of his training to become a guide dog.

"We get them at about seven weeks. He didn't come to work with me until he was about five months old and his potty training was more secure," she said.

The only evidence of animal occupation in her office is one particular book on her shelves with obvious teeth marks.

"Maybe the glue tasted good," she reasoned, noting every other book was untouched.

In an effort to expose him to as many different experiences as possible, Zoro is well traveled.

"He's been to the White House, but he didn't meet the president," she said.

Scout and Bella get excited when the United Parcel Service truck shows up at Orange Cans/Bunker Hill Services in Chesapeake City.

"They jump in the truck to greet him," said Gail Cochran, owner of the businesses. "They refuse to leave until they get a cookie."

Cochran said the pair of chocolate Labrador retrievers overwhelms her office.

"The office is 11-by-8. When two chocolate labs spread out there's not a lot of room," she said.

Getting around them when the phone rings can be troublesome.

Next to Terry Grubb's desk is a sign: "Beware of Attack Chihuahua." Sleeping next to it is three-pound Delilah.

"People think she's a toy. Then she'll get up and greet them," Grubb said.

The dog has been part of the law offices of Robert V. Jones and Sharon Walla on East Main Street in Elkton since Grubb got the dog in December 2009.

All the dogs that have come to work at Sentman Distributors in Elkton have beer names. Porter and Stella are the current set of canine companions, owned by Maggie Sentman.

Porter, a German shepherd-Doberman pinscher mix, is extremely protective, Sentman said.

"He scares the FedEx guy," she said, adding that both dogs "come on a little strong."

Maggie said the tradition of bringing dogs to work at the Maloney Road shop is as old as the family business itself.

"My dad started bringing his yellow lab, Otis, to work," she said. "I don't do it every day. I do it more in the winter."

She said traveling with the dogs in hot weather is hard on the animals.

Delilah travels in high fashion.

"I'm one of those people that dress up their dog," Grubb said. Her wardrobe includes a number of dresses, some with matching hats and sunglasses. "I try to coordinate."

Goffinet has been bringing her dogs along for years. She said she has that luxury being her own boss and not in an office setting. She understands not everyone loves dogs as much as she.

"If it was Take Your Cat to Work Day I'd have a problem," she said. "I'm allergic."

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